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Posted by Collins & Demac Real Estate on 10/22/2015

One of the toughest tasks around the house is keeping it clean. So when you are busy with work, the kids, and short on time, this task is almost impossible. Here are some tips on how to have your home appear to be clean all the times: -While you are walking around the house think about how you can declutter. As you pass through rooms pick up toys, mail, bags and shoes. Before you leave the living room on your way to the kitchen, look to see what items can be picked up along the way. -Utilize decorative baskets to organize books, catalogs, mail and magazines. -Reduce odor in the kitchen by simmering nutmeg, cloves, or cinnamon with orange peels in a saucepan on the stove. -Use candlelight, a home always looks better and cleaner by candlelight. -Create an instant centerpiece with a bowl full of fruit. -Use baskets or containers in the bathroom to store cosmetics and lotions. -Refresh the guest hand towels frequently. Humidity in the bathroom makes towels look droopy. -Place your pajamas under the pillow. This way, they're off the floor and ready for bedtime. -Pile clean, unfolded laundry in baskets on top of the washing machine to be sorted later. -If you have dirty clothes, but no time to wash them, store them inside the machine.

Posted by Collins & Demac Real Estate on 10/15/2015

Can you could your entire house clean in just 30 minutes a day? If you let the house cleaning slip It becomes overwhelming. By doing just a little bit every day it will help keep your home neat and clean in no time. Here is a basic plan to keep your home clean in just one half-hour a day.   Start in the Kitchen Getting started right after breakfast may be the perfect time to spend a few minutes tidying up.

  • Clear out and wipe down the sink.
  • Wipe down countertops and stove.
  • Put dirty dishes immediately into the dishwasher.
  • Run a quick wet mop over the floor.
  • Take a moment to fold and put your dish towels away.
  • Tackle the Bathroom After your shower while you are still in the bathroom do a quick clean.
  • Swipe out the sink bowl and faucet handles. If you use a premoistened cloth to wipe your face, use it for this too.
  • Clean splatters off the mirror. Use the same cloth you used on the sink.
  • Wipe the toilet seat and rim using the same cloth. Just do the toilet last.
  • Swoosh the toilet bowl with a brush.
  • Before getting out of the shower squeegee the shower door.
  • Spray the shower and curtain liner with a shower mist.
  • Bedroom Once your back in your bedroom to get dressed for the day, you can make a quick round there too.
  • Make your bed.
  • Fold or hang clothes.
  • Straighten out the night-table surface, remove any glasses or dishes.
  • Living Room Get the heart of your home in order in a jiffy.
  • Tidy the sofa.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to pick up dust.
  • Straighten coffee table and remotes
  • Doing these simple tasks will save you much more time in the end and allow you to enjoy your clean home every day.

    Posted by Collins & Demac Real Estate on 7/16/2015

    Planting, weeding, mulching and raking are all activities that come hand in hand with the warmer weather. This also means that mud and grass are staining your clothes, your tools and your body. Here are some tips on how to keep things a little cleaner.

    • Keep your fingers free from filling with dirt by digging them into a bar of soap before digging in the garden.
    • Remove annoying tree sap from garden-tool blades by simply wiping with a little rubbing alcohol.
    • Clean canvas awnings with liquid laundry detergent and a brush.
    • Create your own scrub to remove ground-in dirt from hands and knees by scrubbing with a mixture of mild dish soap and a little sugar.
    • Remove grass stains on clothing by pouring liquid detergent directly on the stain. Massage the detergent into the stain. Let the detergent sit for about 10-15 minutes. Wash the item as normal.
    • Pollen stains can be tackled by shaking the fabric to remove the pollen. Try also using a piece of tape to pick up the pollen grains.

    Posted by Collins & Demac Real Estate on 7/9/2015

    Water tap Many people looking to sell their homes aren't really looking to spend money on appliances and fixtures for the home they are about to leave. However, if you find yourself with a less-than-impressive bathroom in your home-for-sale, then consider these relatively cheap ways to add a little zing to your shower space.

    • Replace the doorknob.
    • If your bathroom has a linoleum floor, look into how much it would cost to replace.
    • Buy a new bathroom rug set. Even if you're taking them with you when you move, a new set will make your bathroom look a lot more inviting to a potential buyer.
    • Consider outfitting your shower with a new shower head.
    • Make sure your pipes are in good working order. Pipes that are slow to drain need to be addressed.
    • Take a look at your bathroom walls. Are they in need of a new paint job? A vibrant coat of paint can work wonders in a less-than-impressive bathroom.
    As a general rule, cleanliness speaks for itself. If you can spot any part of your bathroom that may need a little TLC, odds are a potential buyer will see them, too.

    Posted by Collins & Demac Real Estate on 6/11/2015

    If you are looking for ways save money, cutting back on grocery expenses is often an easy way to reduce your spending. Here are ten tips to master frugal grocery shopping. A little planning can save you some big bucks over the long term. 1. Make a list. Before you head out to the store, prepare a list of everything you need, making sure you have everything needed for your weekly menu. Before you leave, check to make sure you don't have it in your pantry, fridge or freezer. Stick to that list and don't buy anything else. 2. Plan a menu. Plan a weekly menu for each week. This way you will know exactly what to buy. Be sure to plan a leftovers night. 3. Don't shop hungry. When you're hungry, everything looks good. When you shop hungry you'll end up spending a lot more. Eat first and then you will be able to stick to your list. 4. Set a budget. When you go to the store, know exactly how much you can spend. Then try your best to stick within that limit. Keep a running tally as you shop to ensure that you're within your budget. 5. Create a grocery spreadsheet. Keep your grocery receipts, then enter into a spreadsheet. This will be your price and comparison list. Use it so you know when bulk or sale items are a good deal. 6. Cook and freeze. Plan to cook a big amount of food and freeze it for multiple dinners. A great idea is to use one Sunday and cook a week's (or even a month's) worth of dinners. Plan 5-6 freezable dinners and cook them all at once. 7. Shop for specials. Every store has specials. Be sure to look for them in the newspaper, or when you get to the store. Don't buy things you don't use just because they are on sale; make sure you will use the items. 8. Buy store brands. Brand names are often no better than generic, and you're paying for all the advertising they do to have a brand name. Give the store brand a try, and often you won't notice a difference. 9. No "one-item" trips. They waste gas, and almost inevitably, you buy more than that one item. If you plan ahead, make a weekly menu, and shop with a list, this should drastically reduce the number of trips you make for a small number of items. 10. Stock up. Sale items can be a great deal. If it's an item you normally use, buy a bunch of them.