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Posted by Collins & Demac Real Estate on 10/20/2016

Color impacts our spirit. The practice of Feng Shui recommends warm, earth tones such as cream, copper, coral and peach to assist in creating a calming atmosphere in the bedroom. If you are looking for a healing vibe in the bedroom, Feng Shui suggests green, lavender or light blue. There are many variations of the colors suggested by the Ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, however, only you know what will work for you. Keep in mind the opposing colors, such as reds, and oranges are seen as stimulating and will reverse the calming and relaxing effect you are going for in the bedroom. If these colors are used as accent pieces, they will enhance the balance of the room with a romantic vibe. Again, variations of these colors are commonly used depending upon your taste and style. The Art of Feng Shui believes that the proper position for your bed is far away from the door to your room. Preferably a spot which allows you to see the doorway. This allows for safety and protection during your restful time. Believe it or not, directly opposite the door is considered the premiere spot to place your bed. Using these guidelines will create a healthy and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom.

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