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Posted by Collins & Demac Real Estate on 9/14/2017

No one likes to be alone all the time. Fear of being alone is what keeps some people from moving out of their parentsí house. Itís also why some people refuse to move out of an apartment. Although neighbors may change more frequently at an apartment complex, thereís always someone nearby.

It can be comforting to know that as soon as you exit your apartment, thereís a good chance that youíll have someone to talk with about the latest sports game, hit song or popular movie. When you live in an apartment, you may also run into more people who share the same hobby or passion that you love.

You donít have to feel alone just because you live on your own

Loneliness may have absolutely nothing to do with preferring apartment living or staying at home with family. It could be a strong appreciation for people thatís behind the pull to stay near others. If this sounds like you and you do want to own a house of your own, there are housing options that accommodate your make-up.

You could move into a communal home. Before you take this move, get to know the other tenants. Also, find out what the legal ownership agreements are. Itís important that you feel comfortable with each person living at the house. Really think this option over, especially if you have children. Some people love living in a communal home. If you stay at hostels when you travel abroad, this might be a good option for you.

Another option is to buy a house with a friend or a relative. For example, if you have a sibling or a cousin who you trust and are close with, you could buy a house with this person. Make sure that the person you sign a mortgage with has steady employment, is responsible for herself and respects your space. Because they are a relative, you already know many of the people who are close to the person, eliminating the need to get acquainted with strangers.

If you do buy a house by yourself, a row house could do wonders. Row houses are attached homes that offer an apartment feel. You may not hear your neighbors from inside your home. Plus, when you step on your front or back porch, you can chat with your neighbors without having to cross the yard. What you probably wonít have is a large front of back yard.

Condos and mobile homes are other properties that can keep you from feeling like an island. As with any house, look for a condo or mobile home that is near shops,businesses, entertainment, worship centers and other facilities that you use regularly. After all, you donít only want to live in a house thatís close to other people, you want to live in a community that puts you near the very things that you love.

To truly feel connected to others, get out and meet your neighbors. Make speaking with your neighbors a habit. You could even start a neighborhood block party. Who knows? One of your neighbors could become a life long best friend.

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